Calder Manarial

“I suppose I'm… F-Free? I do feel relief.”

Gender: Male
Age: 249 (Adult)
Race: Elf
Height: 6'6” / 1.9m
Weight: 187 lbs / 85 kg
Belief: Spiritual
Birth Date: Winter (December 25)
Sign: Capricorn
Occupation: Glastheim City Guard
Titles: Ice Prince
Combat Skills: Water, Earth & Ice Magic
Practical Skills: Stealth & Nefarious Tasks
Birth Place: Geffenia
Theme: Water Wall
Voice: Knight Oscar of Astora

Personality and Description

Calder is a very shy and reserved person, to the point of being nervous in most company… Unless the person he's with is familiar. As he keeps very few friends, this is not a common circumstance. When not stuttering words and apologizing for nothing, the man can hold a decent conversation some of the time. Talking with him can be a very one-sided affair in terms of effort given, but he doesn't actively refuse to participate. The man's general expression either puts his eyes aimed toward the ground or looks vaguely sullen. Poor guy.

Despite the downward gaze, he doesn't slouch or drag his feet at all – In fact, Calder is rather proper! He just doesn't quite like looking anyone in the eyes. He seems to take some time before he responds to most queries, even simple ones… They either all require thought or he is very careful with his words. It's very likely both.

Standing at six and a half feet, Calder rises above most humans and is even decently tall for an elf. His ears point outward horizontally and often twitch while he is in thought. He's not often seen without a set of fingerless gloves over his hands that have catalytic gems embedded into their palms. The rest of his clothing is generally made of fine silk and looks fairly expensive, even by Vahk'Salan standards!

Calder's hair is blonde and his eyes an icy blue to match his element of choice. His skin is very fair, suggesting that he doesn't get a lot of sun, and he has rather slender fingers. The rest of him seems well taken care of – Teeth are pearly white, fingernails are trimmed, and he looks like he spends a fair amount of time fretting over his appearance in the mornings.



Recent Development

  • After an adventure into Vahk'Sala's wild jungle, Calder finds himself conflicted over many things. One of those things is the strange mana that a new weapon seems awash with, and the dangers it supposedly carries. Can the World truly be in the wrong? He has his doubts.
  • Without giving it an extensive and excruciating amount of thought, for once, Calder ceases his employment with the Ebony Eye. It comes as a relief, which surprises him somewhat, though mostly because he now has more time to spend with Teleris. And other friends… But also Teleris.
  • Calder seeks and finds employment within Glastheim, as a City Guard. It's a lot less demanding than his previous work, but that feels fine for the moment.

Friends and Foes


  • Redoran :: “An old friend… Though we've had rough patches. For the moment, a-all seems smooth.” :: An old friend, and one that he still spends time with, when possible. Unfortunately, Redoran is often busy!
  • Shale :: “You've grown into a stronger mage than I. A-And a braver person, as well. I feel proud, even if I was only a babysitter, eh-heh.” :: They were friends when she was much younger, not that Shale's memory is still intact. She's grown into quite the force of nature, and while he was initially apprehensive, he doesn't have worries anymore.
  • Teleris :: “I feel like I spend the whole day with you. Somehow, that's never a bad thing. I… I'd even like to do more, together.” :: Calder's known her for over two hundred years, and would like to for the remaining five or six hundred of his life. They're the best of friends, he feels..! And maybe a little more.


  • Gil :: “He got..! V-Very big. I have a hard time not being afraid of him.” :: A large red dragon raised by Shale! She tells him that the key to getting along is not being afraid, but that's… A lot more easily said than done.
  • Harley :: “I've got to keep an extra close eye on you, now. I h-hope you don't mind.” :: A criminal on the run from the Ebony Eye, but also a friend. He didn't turn her in for personal reasons before, and now he has no obligation to… But will still be keeping an eye on her unsavory ways.

Art by Arla. Stealing is bad!

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