“I jus' can't rest fer more'n a few months, eh? I'm findin' me wife an' we're goin' home.”

Gender: Male
Age: 1000+
Race: Nephilim
Height: 7'2” / 2.2m
Weight: 250 lbs / 113 kg
Belief: Fate
Birth Date: May 13
Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Lumberjack
Titles: N/A
Combat Skills: Brawling, Dark Magic, Melee Combat
Practical Skills: Farming
Birth Place:
Theme: In Case of Trouble
Voice: Laddersmith Gilligan

Personality and Description

Bran can be very difficult to approach. If the fact that he is seven feet tall does not deter you, however, you might find that he is more complex than just “a very intimidating man”. At his best, this man is a determined and capable warrior, capable of moving mountains and felling nearly any foe with the right intentions and inspiration at his back. At his worst, however, Bran can be a raging berserker with no quarter for friends or foes. Catching him in the latter state is rare, but problematic regardless.

When not in combat, Bran can usually be found lazing around Heidelberg or his claimed home in the surrounding woods. His Common is no longer rusty, and the man speaks with a very distinct accent not often heard in this day and age. Despite the way his old Speaking Stone made him appear, Bran seems laid back and sometimes even a joker!

Bran seems swayed very heavily by his own formed opinions, though with less to cause him angst he has lightened up in recent times. First impressions are very important to him, as they lay the groundwork for his future opinions nearly every time. If you're a friend, conversation can come very easily and he might even share one of several stories or fables from his large collection of them. If you're a foe, however, he can be very terse and short with his words.

This man stands at roughly seven feet and some change, looking weighty and muscled to match it, and is often wearing a set of well-crafted leather and fur armor. His skin is brown, a darker shade now that the curse that ailed him has been cured. Bran's mocha-colored hair is often up in a loose ponytail, and it seems he either lacks the tools or the enthusiasm to shave very often. Several scars line his body, varying in intensity, from his shins and forearms all the way up to his face.

In regard to his face, it's often wearing and easy-going smile or occasionally a fairly neutral line. For this reason he's not terribly hard to approach, if you can get past the fact that he is a bear of a man.

Personal Items

Tattered Ribbon Used to hold his hair up in its loose ponytail. It's violet in color and seems surprisingly important to him.
Wedding Band Worn on his left ring finger, and never seems to leave. This band is very simple in design, and forged of tarnished gold.


Bran will tell the story to those who ask, if they have earned it.

Recent Development

  • Bran and Emeraude find work in Heidelberg, living in a re-purposed cottage outside of its city limits. They find joy in each others' company, but both agree that things could be better… They are together, but a millennium too late with nothing to reflect on but their race's mistakes - With no way to fix them.
  • Emeraude has gone missing! She was last seen going to Irene's home for a tea party, and she has not returned home since… With blade in hand and fire in his heart, Bran departs his home with intention to bring her back… No matter the cost in sweat or blood.

Friends and Foes


  • Emeraude :: A blonde woman with a cheerful smile who never seems to leave his side, even in her new form. He's overjoyed to have her back in her real body, and frequently carries the woman around Heidelberg on his shoulders.


  • Chloe :: One of his favorite students, thanks to her enthusiasm regarding the Aspect. He sees a determined warrior beneath her sometimes nervous and reserved exterior.
  • Shale :: Previously a very determined adventurer, but now the savior of his wife's life. Bran feels that he can never pay back what he owes, but will try with friendship and small gifts.
  • Zoria :: Another of his favorite students, and perhaps the closest to the Bear Clan warriors of old. She is headstrong and determined to get what she wants, though not stupid or careless enough to potentially endanger others in the process.


  • Irene :: A frequent delver into the Bear Clan Vault, and bearer of many of Norveig the Mageslayer's tools and armaments. Bran doubts that she could live up to Norveig's heroic legacy, but he is frequently surprised by her resourcefulness.
  • Lunette :: One of his students. Although quiet and stoic, he senses great potential beneath her straight face and cold eyes. Judging by the scarring, she has already been through much. Hopefully the Aspect tempers that well.
  • Nikita :: One of his students. She's enthusiastic, but carries a potentially dangerous and bloodthirsty attitude… He will likely keep an eye on her, even after she completes the path of the Aspect.


  • Erebus :: Whether Nos or Os, they are all the same. Him and his kind will trample over others in their eternal quest for power, and Bran is not surprised that a thousand years' time hasn't changed this.

Art by Nexxus. Stealing is bad!

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