Avi Poirot

“Everything man has learned, man has learned through impulsive curiosity…Okay, I literally just made that up, but it's probably not wrong…and it sounds smart…and stuff.”

Nicknames: Vee, Vivi, Mophead, Avo(cado)
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Race: Human
Height: 5'11
Belief: Atroce
Birth Date: July 16th
Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Scientist/ Mariner/ Relic Hunter
Skills: Swimming, whittling, flower arranging, marine biology, accordion
Languages: Common, Quattori, Cascadian, Elvish, Schwarzen (loosely), Aruni
Birth Place: Alberta
Voice Voice 2
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Avi is ambitious and ready to take the world on by storm…but be practical and safe about doing so, of course. He's a quick thinker and passionate about learning new things and meeting people. He absolutely loves hearing any story he can pick up and always tries to give a person at least a few minutes of conversation before making any decisions about them, though he can sometimes be a little easy to put off if you strike a pet peeve. And as confident as he is about his brains and passions, he tends to go far more humble and quiet when describing himself–unless someone is putting him down!

A detail that's quick to note about Avi is his somewhat scattered appearance most days. His hair is hardly ever kept, being left in a mop of a mess and covering a good portion of his face. It’s near impossible to see his eyes through his mess of curls and waves, but he claims to have no trouble functioning. Despite not being able to see his eyes, whenever he uses any kind of Wind magic, a green glow becomes quite visible behind his bangs, from his left eye. His posture varies and is about as scattered as the rest of his look, standing up straight only to slouch…and straighten out and slouch again. Normal attire for him is somewhat respectable, wearing button up shirts, boots laced up tight, and a respectable mariner's jacket. His cleaned up attire would probably contrast the rest of him in a more noticeable way if it wasn't for the fact that he has no qualms with getting messy and regularly manages to miss a button or roll up his sleeves uneven and so on. He'll fix whatever you point out, but maybe stay in your own lane if you can.

Special Items:

  • Ametrine Shard - A symmetrical shard of ametrine crystal that has been made into a pendant that hangs from his carrier bag as a good luck charm.
  • Green Notebook - A beat up notebook that has been rolled up and folded countless times, with “AVI” written in black marker across the front cover. Avi does a lot of writing these days and goes through a lot of notebooks, but this one in particular seems to stay with him at all times even though it's been filled up. He tends to read through what's been written in it quite often and keeps it very personal.
  • Wind Chimes - Chimes suspended in a spiral from a wooden base, with small glass pieces shaped like fish hanging from them. Made by Jinan and somewhat similar to the chimes he has hanging from his staff, but not something one would want to hang from their weapon. When charged with mana, the chimes produce a calming sound as the fish glow in response.


Avi was second born into a family in Alberta. Alongside his brother, Benji he was raised by their mother after their father passed away when they were both still rather young. The two sadly lost their mother as well, a few years later and while a distant relative was willing to take them in, they were forced to grow up rather quick. Making the most out of what he had, Avi put all his efforts into his love of the ocean he had grown up beside as well as his studies in magic and got by through doing odd-jobs at sea, traveling with one crew, only to find another with more to offer. This ended up leading him toward the life he has now as both a marine biologist and a hunter of rare and unusual treasures. And all this free time he was offered throughout his journeys allowed him the opportunity to become as rounded in various magics as he was in his love of science. He lived this life with little complaint for a while until his magic took an odd turn and he suddenly picked up the habit of creating a small creature he could not separate from. He later learned the creature was a summon and he made the decision to travel to the Wizards Guild to look deeper into this ability. This may have slowed things down for a bit, but proved helpful and only brought him more satisfaction when he was finally able to control this ability and watch his odd companion grow with him. He was eventually able to return to the life he had grown accustomed to and just about nothing has slowed him down since.

Margaery, the Siren (Storm Elemental)

A large, wild mass of water that takes the shape of a beautiful, goddess-like mermaid, named after his favorite writer and one true love, Margaery Thorne. Fully made up from Storm mana, something that immediately stands out about her is the glowing green limbal ring around her left iris that emits Wind mana; a trait matching Avi's left eye. While she may have started out as nothing more than a simple ball of water, Margaery's development has left Avi in awe and his bond with her is one of his proudest achievements. Though she can be a handful at times, she has a certain charm about her and can be very gentle and protective of Avi. Just don't give her a reason to lash out!

Recent Development

  • After spending months with the Veiled Sun between Tanglewood investigations and taking time to recover and feel (mostly) like himself again, Avi finally arranged to head back to the Seekers Camp. While he made sure to stay for the Celebration of the Setting Sun and promised to return again soon, he's left far too much on hold with the other half of his life. Recent events have left him uneasy about leaving Irha, and soon Jinan on their own but he knows he has no choice other than to trust them to stay safe…

Family, Friends, & Others


  • Benji Poirot - Older brother “I love you and you know that. But you also know you embarrass me to no end and I only have so much life in me!”


  • Margaery - “We've been going through some weird stuff lately, huh? Just keep hanging in there with me.”


  • Christopher II - “I got a little tank for him so he can watch me while I'm working…I named him after my old goldfish, not uh…that turned out kind of spooky.”

The Pack

  • Heathcliff - “It's neat that we're in this together, huh?”
  • Danyal Atro - “You're really cool! Just a couple of cool Wolf Boys here…Don't gossip about me with Him please, oh jeez.”


  • Nor Jinan - “You're a cross between an ear-splitting headache and a lifeline if that's even possible. We look out for each out, okay? You've gotta let me take care of you and do the worrying sometimes. I want to.”
  • Christopher Luna - “It's weird feeling so connected to someone I've never even met and never will meet. I wish we weren't so similar to begin with, maybe I'd get less mixed up.” (Deceased)
  • Gordon Woods - “I get they're not technically my feelings, but it doesn't make my heart feel any less heavy. They're still real feelings…” (Deceased)

Bound By The Wood

  • Lydia Sokolov - “I feel like I'm not great at keeping people close, but she really means a lot to me. I hope she knows I've got her back. Her fish boys too!”
  • Maeve Miller - “I hope she'll be okay. She's been through a lot and I don't know if she feels comfortable reaching out to the rest of us, but..”
  • Lunette Gael - “Try not to let your head get too foggy now that we're not all sticking together, okay..? Hang in there.”
  • Sybil Price - “I didn't really get to ask her how she was doing, but she's a tough cookie.”

Friends & Acquaintances

  • Zefi Ledge - “I feel like we're on the same page a lot of the time. It's nice! She always makes me feel better.”
  • Irha Ithe - “I'm glad she's still around and getting better. I mean, I think we're all glad, but yeah. I like her a lot.”
  • Qisma Tazi - “I kind of feel like I've got a little sister with her around–even if she's older, technically.”
  • Aoki Miho - “I'm sorry we keep butting heads, but I promise I'll keep helping as long as you'll let me.”
  • Fiain Sotelier-Wallace - “She's always so excited for everything, it's hard not to be too!”
  • Jake Laddir - “Jinan's not kidding, the SAS is lucky they've got somebody like him. He's such a good guy and keeps everybody sane! I hope he'll be okay.”
  • Annette Collins - “Another summoner! And one with her own mermaid, who could have seen that coming? Let me know if you need any tips or anything. It's not often Margaery gets to make new friends.”
  • Cassiopeia Caelus - “She's good people! I'm glad she puts as much trust in me as she does. I'll keep doing what I can to help.”
  • Aoki Yuno - “She's cute! Uh…I'd say I don't want her breaking her body any more than it already is, but I'm worried it'd be taken as a challenge.”
  • Milena Croquette - “She thinks I'm cute!…I don't think I was being punked?”
  • Kosmenos Argent - “Thanks for always letting me play with Craigory! You should smile more, we're all friends here, right?”
  • Tetra - “Don't forget, you owe me another sparring match!”
  • Teleris Elondar - “Give yourself more credit! You're really nice and…well, nice to be around also.”
  • Najila Nazari - “I wanna dance again the next time I see her!”
  • Westley Faolan - “He's nice! Small world, running into someone related to a bookstore I've been in like a bazillion times over the years.”
  • Ruth Dupre - “I wish she didn't focus so much on thinking she can't do a lot of stuff. Oh, but she painted a picture of Margaery for me! That was really nice.”
  • Dodger - “A job, huh…?”
  • ?? - “We'll see each other again someday! I won't stop looking!”


  • Mike Royal - “I guess I don't blame him for hating me, but it's still kind of stressful. At least he's honest.”
  • Jane - “I uh…I guess I hope you were able to move forward with things, hm?”

Margaery's Gallery

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Main Art for Margaery © Sleppu

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