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 +====== Aurora "​Frost"​ Juutlian ======
 +//"​I'​m your friendly neighborhood "​entrepreneur of various opporunities!"​ No, I'm not a thief!"//​
 +^ Gender: ​   | Female | 
 +^ Age:    | 20 |
 +^ Race:    | Human |  ​
 +^ Height: ​   | 5'3 | 
 +^ Weight: ​   | 110 lbs | 
 +^ Belief: ​   | Atheist | 
 +^ Birth Date:    | July 3rd |  ​
 +^ Sign:    | None(?) |    ​
 +^ Occupation: ​   | "​Entrepreneur of various opportunities"​ (Thief) |   
 +^ Skills: ​   | Expert lockpicker, superb slight of hand skills, handgun proficiency,​ and stealth | 
 +^ Birth Place: ​   | Izlude | 
 +**Personality and Description**\\ ​
 +Aurora is a naturally cheery person with what seems like few cares in the world. She's quite casual to everyone she meets and dislikes rigidity and stiffness. Aurora is, ironically enough, very sociable for a thief. She appears to hide little, but her occupation, personal history, and other facts about her are obscured in vague answers. Aurora is also an opportunist,​ usually jumping on if it means profit. She's good a keeping secrets, but willing to use them against someone in order to pull a profit. She's neither good nor bad, rather she thinks she's in the middle. Aurora also has a penchant for donating a portion of whatever she steals, almost like a certain feathered hat man of old...
 +Oddly enough for a thief, Aurora wears a LOT of white. She wears a button up dress shirt with no sleeves on top, as well as a black colored arm protector set (light steel arm guards, elbow pads, and finger-less gloves.) On her bottom she wears an urban camo short skirt. Aurora also likes to wear thigh high stockings (of various styles), with a light leg protector set (light metal knee pads and shin guards) with black knee high leather boots on. Aurora also wears a black and white patterned scarf and white/black colored note headphones. And yes, she's constantly listening to music. She earned the nickname "​Frost"​ because she wears so much white and seems to melt into crowds.
 +**Biography** \\
 +Aurora was born to a middle income family in Izlude. Her father was a rather successful fisherman, and her mother ran the finances for the business. Naturally, she was sent to a decent school. It was there she met her mentor, a delinquent named Markos, who taught her the tricks to stealing things from the cafeteria. Markos was the one who "​educated"​ her on the finer aspects of being a thief and being extremely stealthy. Unknown to her parents, she followed him on his simpler heists and even assisted. ​
 +She learned from him for the next several years, practicing more and more and becoming quite skilled. In high school, she did slightly better than average and managed to graduate. Her parents, not really knowing what to do with her, asked her to assist with the family business by crunching numbers with her mother. Aurora, feeling that to be a waste of her life, declined the offer and set off from home to do what she's always wanted to do: be a damned good thief. Her parents only know she is traveling now, but doesn'​t know what she's become.
 +A few years into her trade, she ran with a group of not so noble people. Things were okay at first, as some of their small time heists had decent pay offs, but that changed when her leader Delicar tried to blackmail her. Delicar wanted a "get out of jail free" card from the guards, and tipped off the city guards. This led to the group being captured and imprisioned,​ except for Aurora who was (fortunately) sick that day. When Delicar wanted to force himself onto her and, she shot him. This is perhaps the last person she's ever killed, as she let him bleed to death in her room while she ran.
 +Now, in the present day, she runs "solo ops." She sends money to her parents on a regular basis and often helps at the local orphanage.  ​
 +**Recent Development**\\
 +  * Decided to wander around, but last seen in Alberta. ​
 +**Friends and Foes**\\
 +  * To be filled in :D
 +**Random Notes**\\
 +  * Slightly OCD about her appearance.
 +  * Has trouble trusting groups of people, due to being betrayed in the past. 
 +  * Always listening to some form of music, or humming, or whistling. ​
 +  * Her pistol has a silencer that she built. Fashioned out of a regular steel tube, it's attached with a flashlight to her handgun.
 +  * Detests killing, she's more willing to use something against you so the fight is avoidable.
 +  * Can be hired to break in and steal, but you'd have to know who she really is first. ​