Atlas 'Attie' Finnigan

“Which way is home?”

Gender: Female
Age: 22
Race: Human
Height: 5'3“
Weight: 99 lbs
Belief: Atheism
Birth Date: December 3rd
Sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Gun-shop Owner
Skills: Sketching, blue prints, tinkering, gun repair
Birth Place: Einbroch
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Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Atlas is a girl of few words and limited expressions, often times coming off as distant or cold in her interactions. She prefers to study others, finding it difficult to converse and connect on her own. When she does manage to open her mouth and contribute she can be a little too honest for her own good – her opinions are delivered bluntly and usually without softening. Her sense of humor comes in the form of sarcastic quips, though those are ordinarily kept to herself.

However, her nature doesn't stem from a dislike of people. Her Father hated to waste words and she's definitely inherited that trait. From her Father also comes a strong work ethic, a sense of pride in a job well done, and a developing love of his trade. It's very likely that little Atlas spent more time around guns and scrap metal than she did around people growing up – and that's almost undoubtedly why she's better at tinkering than she is at social interactions.

Attie is short, a little scrawny, and terribly unkempt looking. Her tawny blonde hair is cut raggedly, as though done at home, and her clothes are always somewhat shabby in appearance. Her skin is dark and speckled with freckles, and she can be seen quite often with smudges of charcoal on her hands and face. The only things on her that look 'new' and particularly well cared for is her rifle and wide assortment of sketchbooks.

A rather gruesome scar has formed over the left side of her face. Two vertical gashes, from the middle of her cheek and extending to her forehead, have marred her skin. The scar remains in the 'fresh' stages - discolored flesh, raised and rough edges, and over-all unpleasant to look at. This injury has caused her left eye to semi-cloud over, lightening the brown to a milkier colour.

The girl is also sprinkled with an assortment of less serious scarring. From a burn-scar on her left shoulder and side, to a speckling of various cuts.

Personal Items

Sketchbooks: A wide variety of sketchbooks, from leatherbound to moleskin to papers bound messily together. All full of charcoal drawings, pencil sketches, and detailed blueprints and plans.
Green Beret: A beret styled after those worn in the Republic Military. It has a 'Lone Wolf' patch sewn into it, and seems just slightly tattered..


Born and raised in the smoggy city of Einbroch. The Finnigan Family owned a small Gun & Parts shop squirrelled away in the southern sector of the city, and Atlas spent her life there. Business never boomed, but they always seemed to scrape by – and she learned from her Father in the mean time.

But money always runs out, eventually…

Rust, the Service Bot (Robot)

A small robot, roughly knee-height, made of lightweight but durable metal. It has a dome-like head with a small cylinder on it and a set of vents on its lower body. A set of lights beneath the dome signify whether it's on or off, and look shockingly like a pair of little glowing eyes. Its' automated voice sounds strangely like a well mannered English gentleman.

Recent Development

  • Unable to let go of events that took place nearly a year and a half ago, now, Cliff suggests that Attie take 'a vacation'. She doesn't like the idea, but he promises to look after the shop.
  • Atlas attends the Arunafeltz Emirates Fire Festival! While she does not participate in the Trials themselves, she still enjoys herself - and seeks out the half of her family that likely thinks she's dead.
  • An easy-going and should-be relaxing Yellow Berry job reminds Atlas of why she is 100% not an adventurer. No thank you!

Friends and Foes


  • Dave Finnigan - ”.. Miss you.“ Father. Stubborn and brief, but he was always looking out for her. Attie speaks little of him, emotions becoming shuttered if and when the subject comes up.

Stuck with Her

  • Cliff Slade - [S.L: ★★★★]1) - “Stick with me. Yeah?” Arguably a little more than just the best friend. He gets the most smiles and laughs out of her, rare as they are.
  • Gabrielle DeAngelis - [S.L:: ★★★★★] - “Stay.” Best friend, though it's hard to tell. Atlas enjoys her company and is comfortable just being with her. They don't really have to talk, to communicate.
  • Marie Sokolov - [S.L: ★★★★★] - “Don't be a stranger.” Close friend, precious, Atlas is incredibly defensive of her despite any flaws Marie has.


  • Colton West - [S.L: ★★★☆☆] - “Wouldn't mind seeing you around.” His habits of taking the 'world on his shoulders' make her scowl, but he's sweet - and caring. It's annoying to be cared about so much, but…
  • Kaede Kudo - [S.L: ★★☆☆☆] - “I owe you.” Friends? She's reclusive, now more than ever, and Atlas worries.
  • Aja Rahal - [S.L: ★★★☆☆] - ”… Thanks.“ - Boisterous and outgoing - surprisingly understanding, and caring. Letting people 'in' is not something Attie's good at, but…


  • Will Warlow - [S.L: ★★☆☆☆] - “Weren't your eyes blue?” - Skilled with magic, and a nice guy. He's good enough company!
  • Lain Strauss - [S.L: ★☆☆☆☆] - “Glastheim, huh?” - Good at what he does, but it's weird seeing him in real-world situations.
  • Tetra - [S.L: ★☆☆☆☆] - “Be careful.” She's nice, and her daring spirit is kind of cool - Atlas understands her hesitance about ever returning to the Republic.


  • Blueberry - [S.L: ☆☆☆☆☆] - “Personal space.” - Kind of cute, really. A little weird? Atlas doesn't terribly mind.

Art is © Nexxus

1) S.L = 'Sketch Level'
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