Aslan Yazdi

Gender: male
Age: 20
Race: Human - Aruni
Height: 5'8“
Weight: 185 lbs
Belief: Monotheism - Freya
Birth Date: April 1st
Sign: Aries
Occupation: Blacksmith, Adventurer, Pack Mule, Tent Carrier
Skills: Weaponsmithing, Survivalist, Warrior
Birth Place: Nahr tribe lands, Arunafeltz
Aslan Yazdi
Imagine - Sizzlebird

Personality and Description

“The old ways cannot be the only ways… and we cannot find better ways without questioning that!” Bright and cheery, excited and youthful. Aslan bubbles with a sort of indomitable confidence in all tasks he takes on. Success isn't a goal, it's a certainty in his eyes. He sees the world as yet another challenge to rise to, and even a failure is more of a momentary setback as opposed to a defeat.

As for form, Aslan bears a darker, sun-kissed skin tone and a wiry muscled frame. His outfit has changed considerably due to his time outside of Arunafeltz, trading out his robes and other ancestral clothing for a simple set of shorts and vest along with either a pair of sunglasses from Fou Lu or a Republican styled hat.


Aslan spent the last eighteen years of his life living with his family in the Nahr lands until the most recent Fire Festival. After seeing so many foreigners come through with different ideas and fashions, it dawned on him that Nahr smithing techniques could likely learn from some of these foreigners and their different concepts. While the Nahr Shaman and his Father disagreed with him on the matter, he pressed forth with his desire to travel and learn. After an argument of sorts with his father, the two of them came to a mutual agreement on the matter. Aslan could leave, but he was not to return until he had something to show that the outside world could improve their smithing skills, or to return and admit fault with his ideals.

Further life away from Arunafeltz has encouraged Aslan to question his past way of life a great deal more. He has come to the understanding of living in another culture means living in their manner, not within your own and suggesting others live as you do. There is a reason why he left Arunafeltz, and it becomes more clear each day. In recent days, he has become far more accustomed to the technology outside of Arunafeltz and has worked to understand very many different ways of life. He tries to listen first rather than speak his opinion on matters.

Recent Developments

  • Saved his and his teammates souls from the Tsuchigumo and collected the holy branch from Payon!
  • Collected the rewards from Rudie and is currently preparing to enter Aengr Thom
  • Fought alongside Simon Wallace, Fiain, Sorin, and Richter to clear out the Midel mines. Collected scales from the magma and ice lizards.
  • Made a Nahrdeimo from a magma lizard scale
  • Completed his training with Morgan, learning secrets to Nephilim metalwork!
  • Constructed a Nahrdeimo of Nephilim Oridicon, The Horizon's Edge
  • Entered Aengr Thom and is currently seeking more challenge tokens to unlock the remainder of the dungeon
  • Currently planning to scavenge an abandoned Republic hospital for parts for The MACHINE™.

Friends and Foes

  • Rurik Yorenguard - A strange man, but a good one at heart! He will stand by me and I will him.
  • Zefi Ledge - A very kind soul who has been most helpful and patient with me.
  • Laira - A patient teacher of sorts. Someone who got me to really think about why I'm here and not in Arunafeltz.
  • Lisia - A powerful mage who has been quite helpful!
  • Aeden Damon - A mighty warrior and someone who taught me the benefits and importance of armor!
  • Ezekiel Birchwood - He seems as if he has the same sort of story that I do. Neither of us cared for the way our families did things, so we decided to do things our own way.
  • Irene Landevale - A wonderfully spirited woman much like myself… Just replace blacksmithing and metalwork with magic and enchanting!
  • Westel Vitale - A skilled fellow who's done a lot to help me understand a bit about machinery. He's helping me rebuild… THE MACHINE!!!™
  • Noah Harper - What have I -ever- done to deserve such poor treatment from you?
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