Aravae Selmer

“I may not be perfect…but I like me.”

Nicknames: Ara, Green-Tea
Gender: Female
Age: 229
Race: Elf
Height: 5’7
Weight: Average
Belief: Spirituality
Birth Date: March 8
Sign: Pisces
Occupation: Glastheim Medium, Soul Linker/ Psychopomp
Skills: spirit magic, martial arts, flute playing, singing, weaving, crocheting
Languages: Ba Jin, Elvish, Common
Birth Place: Avicennia
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Aravae is an eager beaver who tries to stay ready for anything. Not to be mistaken for a blind optimist, she tries to turn all problems into opportunities. She makes an attempt to get along with everyone and find out their story before making a solid opinion and she often plays the mediator in times of disagreement. She's known for being a little skittish, but when it comes down to it, she's a very level person who rarely loses control of her emotions. It's safe to say that while she's the same warm and welcoming person she's always been, she has become a bit more closed off in certain ways. Her energy can be seen as somewhat reserved, almost as if she were holding her breath at times, but all in all she's very content and is always able to find joy in life.

Her hair is wispy and long, normally kept in a loose braid. She’s tall with a slender build and her eyes are a warm gold that always seem to let off a faint glow. The more energy she uses, the brighter the glow seems to be. On her right ear, she has a cuff that holds a gem. Right below that, pierced to her lobe is a detailed earring with a dark gem of its own.

Special Items:

  • Black Scarf - A gift from Shale given to her before the Battle Royale to help keep Ara's hair back!
  • Golden Ear Cuff - A gift given to her long ago by her deceased mentor, Ko. She always has it with her.
  • Blessed Earring - A somewhat gothic looking earring given to her as a gift from Alisha. She wears it on the same ear as her cuff.
  • Stormcrow Necklace - A necklace given to her by Crow during her lessons with Spirit-Wind. It was originally used to help her direct her magic, but she no longer needs it now that she has gained control of this magic. It's still special to her though and she likes to keep it on her person.
  • Tengu Mask - A mask with a long bird-like nose, similar to the one Crow wears, but with lighter colors and white feathers. She obtained this after completing her training with Spirit-Wind and takes pride in the fact that it is her very own.


Born in Avicennia, Aravae has always had magic in her life, but while most of her family took to voodoo and other sorts, Ara always seemed to have a way with spirits. Whether or not her family supported her decision, she devoted her life to improving her abilities. Years later, she decided to travel to Gon Ryun where she was able to take on proper training and it was here she truly began developing as a soul linker. It was also there that she took on her mentor, Ko who was a kind man that lead her toward a humble life of seeking out restless spirits and bringing peace to them.

Recent Development

(Oldest to newest)

  • Aravae returned to Glastheim for a short time before once again taking off for another trip–this time to Avicennia to help with an investigation. A strange sickness has been going around and people are possibly being poisoned and she wants to know what exactly is happening in her home town.
  • What felt like an endless investigation with no solid answers only grew more and more trying as the group now found themselves taken by a strange illness, causing their skin to turn an ashy color and change their personalities with each passing day. On top of that, it was made apparent very fast that their days were numbered unless they were able to find a cure while getting to the bottom of things.
  • Their strange investigation only became more and more…strange. The group found themselves deep below Aurora, all the way out to the moon (sort of), and at this point Ara would hardly be able to sum any of it up with just a few sentences. At the end of the day, the group was able to find a cure for both themselves and Avicennia while learning about plenty of new and fascinating secrets to treasure. Ara and the others were also each granted with a blessing from Aurora, itself…But now that everything is over, what are they going to do with their new friend?

Family, Friends, & Others


  • Zulae Selmer - Father “I know you're still mad, but thank you for your support.”
  • Marissa Selmer - Mother “I feel bad making her worry, but I think she worries a little less these days and I'm thankful for that.”
  • Gaelin Selmer - Older brother “It's amazing how much he's changed and adapted in such a short amount of time. Such a headache sometimes still!”
  • Keya Selmer - Older sister “I'm so happy she's still doing her own thing. She seems content despite everything that has happened.”
  • Ester Selmer - Older sister “I wish I could do more for her, but I don't think she wants my help.”
  • Elora Selmer - Younger sister “…Keep doing your thing, Elora. I'm not sure what it is, but you seem happy.”
  • Vaeril Selmer - Younger brother “You really grew into yourself, didn't you? I'm so proud!…Please still try to visit me.”

And many, many more Selmers…


  • Ladle - “My…baby pig. W-Well he's not a baby any more, but…I'm still not sure why Elora gave him to me. I'm too attached to question it at this point.”

Loved Ones

  • Oliver Chance - “Thank you for always having so much faith in me. I'm so excited to watch you succeed.”
  • Riye - “It was hard saying goodbye to you, but I'm glad you're resting peacefully.” (Deceased)
  • Ko - “My mentor. He's the reason I am who I am.” (Deceased)
  • Jun - “…I still miss you every day.” (Deceased)


  • Shale Lynn - “She's a good friend! She's very powerful, but she's always modest about it and has the best intentions.”
  • Aja Rahal - “She's so good at raising my spirits. I really like working alongside her!”
  • Kuhn - “I'm sorry for how things have been, I'll try to be more available and um…if you're really so adamant to call me you're aunt, I suppose that's fine?”

Friends & Acquaintances

  • Teleris Elondar - “She's an old friend of the family! I'm glad she seems to be doing alright for herself and I can tell Gael and Vae are happy to have her around.”
  • Crow - “He's Shin and Suyin's mentor, as well as my own these days! I'm so thankful for what he's done for me.”
  • Song Shin - “I'm happy I've been able to learn so much alongside her. She makes me feel like my old self again.”
  • Alecto Della Corte - “She's such a lovely woman, I hope we can cross paths again in the future! She's an amazing teammate.”
  • Elliot Denali - “I'm proud of how strong he's become. I never doubted what he was capable of for a second.”
  • Lady Rhiannon - “She's…really something. I want to learn more from her.”
  • Irene Landevale - “She's such a sweet girl. We garden and work together a lot!”
  • Karn Warborn - “I owe him my life! I have to buy him a big meal one of these days.”
  • Morgan - “She's finally free to travel the world like everyone else! I consider her a friend even if she doesn’t completely…yes, I think we’re friends?”
  • Song Suyin - “Shin's twin sister. She seems just as nice!”
  • Elise Denali - “I wish you would let me help a little…”
  • Poet Ellery - “He always has so much energy, it's actually hard to keep up with him sometimes. He's always very kind to me though.”
  • Anja Leitner - “Poe's daughter, I think? She's so sweet and likes to keep me company when I'm at the library.”
  • Calder Manarial - “He's so pleasant! It's nice seeing Teleris with someone so kind.”
  • Will Warlow - “I'm glad I got the chance to work with him! He's friendly.”
  • Ginny - “Thank you so much for everything! We truly owe you our lives!”
  • Bijou - “You're going to be alright, I promise. We're all going to keep you safe.”



  • I-I don’t think I have any of those…I hope not.

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