Aoide Wallace

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Race: Human
Belief: Spiritual
Birth Date: May 22nd
Sign: Gemini
Occupation: Student of the Wizard's Guild
Skills: Violin, Fortune Telling, Summoning
Birth Place: Prontera
Character Sheet
Aoide's Theme
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Personality and Description


Recent Development

  • Onto her third year in the Wizard's Guild University!
  • During her usual lonesome study sessions, Aoide encountered two fellow classmates by the names of Luna Safina and Nouvein Abelasan. Both girls were very kind and friendly, something the high honored student wasn't used to.
  • A few days later Aoide met the girls again, this time inside the school. After a few more friendly conversations, they asked her to be their friend and even more - they asked her to join them on a trip to inspect some magical ruins. Though she hesitated at first, she eventually accepted their invitations for the trip and a potential friendship.
  • With fall upon them, Aoide took it upon herself to help decorate the school with decorations! No one else was doing it, so why not?
  • Aoide encountered Luna and Nouvein in a class and offered to help the latter with her studies. It was a nice time until she heard the whispers of other classmates gossping about her. Unable to handle the possibility of subjecting the two girls to what she endured on a daily basis, Aoide returned to her desk. That didn't stop them from inviting her to spend their lunch period with them. It was then that she was informed about a local 'superhero' going by the name of Moonlight. Nouvein said she was saved by her once but could it really be true?
  • One evening she spent some time out in the courtyard, enjoying the brisk air as she wrote in her diary. A girl who often gave Aoide a hard time had begun to pester her, evening snatching her diary from her just to mock her. She didn't have the book for long and soon Aoide found herself being saved by a fantastical and beautiful looking girl who appeared to be flying. It was Moonlight! The two then spent some time together, talking about one another and Aoide had began to feel inspired by the hero's sense in justice. After Moonlight took her back to her room and left her with a star pendant, Aoide gave the girl a thank you kiss on the cheek, feeling a little better about herself and her new friendships.


  • Samuel Wallace - Father “I'm forever grateful for your support in my magical studies. I can't wait to receive your next care package. I miss you very much, Father.
  • Tabitha - Maid “I'm glad Father has you to support him and keep him company while he's alone at the estate. I miss you as well.
  • Testament Wallace - Brother “Please be careful up there in Lighthalzen. You do so much to protect your city. I can't wait to see you during the holidays.
  • William Wallace - Brother “Your movies are very enjoyable. I've only seen a little but who knew you were such an amazing actor?
  • Castor Wallace - Brother “My knight in shining armor brother. Father always talks about how proud he is when he sees you in your armor.
  • Hudson Wallace - Brother “Ehe.. sometimes I miss gossiping with you and I always look forward to your letters. You go on such exciting adventures!
  • Zephyr Wallace - Brother “My twin and my other half. I love you dearly and I hope you are doing well in Yuno. You've always been smarter than me. Please make sure you take care of yourself instead of obsessing over your studies like I know you do.
  • Simon Wallace - Brother “ Oh,I hope you're safe. Father said you have a home in Midel now? I wish there was more I could do to help find Finn…
  • Finn Wallace - Brother “My sweet baby brother… wherever you are, please know we miss you terribly. Whoever took you from us will pay!

Everlasting Guardian

  • Temperance - “I'm so grateful she's always been by my side. If it weren't for her, I… I'd be so very alone.” A large and intimidating golden dragon made of the light element who is Aoide's lifelong guardian and friend. She gives her a silent strength that sometimes Aoide has a hard time finding when in the depths of loneliness.

Personal Hero

  • Moonlight - “You have truly given me something to believe in. I will never forget what you did for me and I'll cherish what you've given me.” A magical and beautiful superhero girl who saved her from a bully.


  • Luna Safina - “She's a bit on the eccentric side… but it's nice to see. I look forward to our classes together.” A girl who thinks very proudly of herself and her friends - which now includes Aoide? She has the sort of personality Aoide feels weak against but she can see the girl going very far in her endeavors.
  • Nouvein Abelasan - “The way she finally managed to conjure her summon certainly was strange but really… romantic. I'm very much looking forward to seeing her grow as a fellow summoner.” The complete opposite of Luna but the other half of the pair of best friends. Aoide finds her shy personality very similar to her own but she thinks there's more strength inside her.

( art by Flora! )

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