Annette Collins

“I have more important things on my mind.”

Gender: Female
Nicknames: Ann, Annie
Age: 28
Race: Light Elf
Height: 5'11'
Weight: 105 lbs.
Belief: Herself
Birth Date: Sept. 12th
Sign: Virgo
Occupation: Levinwood House Orion Academy Student
Skills: Ice Magic, Summoning
Birth Place: Geffenia, Vahk'Sala
Theme: Blue Reflection - Blue Reflection
Voice: Lady Amalthea - Now That I'm A Woman
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Haughty and spoiled, Annette was born and raised to be proper and elegant to a tee. In her eyes, being second place does not bode well for her, always striving to be the best and perfecting her craft with whatever means necessary. She's not exactly pleasant when dealing with others, always coming off with a superior front towards people. Her words come off as cold and blunt, though at times she doesn't tend to think before she speaks, which often at times offend others.

However, behind the cold front she puts up, lies someone who's actually pretty lonely and yearning acceptance from others. Annette struggles each day of who she is or whom she wants to be, often at times becoming rather insecure about her own well-being. She does not take failure very well, but uses that as a catalyst to improve and better at herself of not making mistakes again.

Overall, Annette has an armor that's hard to crack and it usually takes a bit of effort to gain her acceptance and trust. She's not keen on trusting others so easily, thinking that things like friendship or companionship even, are things that will just weigh her down.

Appearance-wise, she is naturally beautiful as most elves are. Her frame is lithe and delicate, her fair skin soft to the touch like smooth silk. Her eyes are of amber, with bright pink hair that goes right past the shoulders. Her usual attire consists of elegant robes worn upon her person, which she wears the Levinwood crest proudly onto herself.

Celeste, the Frost Mermaid

A beautiful, blue-colored elemental that's shaped into an mermaid, with her body shining and resonating with ice mana. With fins on each side of her head, the most defining feature is a marking on her forehead that is shaped like a snowflake. She is Annette's summon and follows her fiercely to a whim. She is loyal and protective of her mistress, often putting herself in harm's way to ensure her safety. It's hard to say what personality Celeste has, considering Celeste is unable to speak. Though she does come off as playful at times, sometimes even mischievous?


Born in Geffenia to a noble family, Annette struggled with self-identity growing up. Wanting the desire to stand out from her family, not only giving honor to them, but to herself as well, she decided to do what others could not and that was to join House Ianthe. This particular house was known for its study of summoning, a recent form of magic that still was within its infancy during that time. Thinking that she may have the affinity for it, she finally was able to join. But things didn't out the way she wanted to be.

Endless days of studying and such, years have gone by but she was never able to manifest the summon that would suppose to exist. House Ianthe started to lose faith in her and eventually lost interest and was cast away as if she was nothing. Frustrated and humiliated for wasting so much time, Annette was desperate and didn't want all her work to go down the drain, so she decided to look other means of finding her summon finally. Thankfully, hearing about the Orion Academy located far away in the eastern lands through word of mouth, she wasted no time and decided to head over there. Leaving behind a home she's familiar with and family that she's been close with, she heads over to the Academy to enroll.

Recent Development

- After passing her final Geomancy test, things didn't go as planned and she and her friends somehow got transported in some part of the land within El Quattor. Not knowing the fate of Joplin and her instructor, Annette finds herself incredibly frustrated and anxious. She has zero interest in interacting with the locals, belittling them if they attempt to converse her. All she wants to do is go back to where she belongs, back to the way things were. Though, that was going to be a tall-task, as she's unaware of the current events that has occurred in Sybir..

Friends and Foes

“The things that truly matter.”

  • Cassiopeia Caelus “High-strung and free-spirited, I envy her brashness, and I wish I was a bit like her. Slightly.” A cubi she befriended when she first enrolled. She won't admit it but her company is refreshing, and is thankful she has as a friend.
  • Kosmenos Argent “It makes me wonder how you made it this far. And here we are, still together.” Another cubi she somehow befriended. While she thinks Kos can be lazy and uncaring at times, she tolerates his behavior strangely. Probably because him and Cass are the only friends she ever had. Something she's thankful for and won't ever admit so openly.

“I respect them, only because they're important.”

  • Sera “Mysterious, blunt.. there were so many things she kept to herself. But now she's gone. Where are you..?” The mysterious instructor that had taught her and her friends the powers of Geomancy. Despite her cold-like attitude, she has grown to respect her. But with her recent disappearance.. she'd hope she was alright.
  • Joplin “Even though he rambles on and on about some things, he truly did care for his students, even if he isn't a Dean anymore. But you're gone as well..” The former Dean that somehow chose her and her friends out of sheer luck into the Geomancy program. However, things didn't go as planned, when he too suddenly disappeared.

“I can tolerate them, to a certain extent.”

  • Kyoko “After hearing what really happened to her, I somewhat cared. A little.” The other student that was with her and her friends in their program. She flies around on a broom, as expected from a Drakemire. After the truth about her absence, she slowly accepts her as a companion. Slowly.
  • Dodger “She's more tolerable than that barbarian.” A woman that seemed more reasonable than the counterpart she hangs around with. She tolerates her and only reluctantly gave thanks when they reached a safe haven.
  • Jinan “You're nice. A bit too nice.” A rather overfriendly local of the camp that she and her friends approached when they arrived. While his intentions were clearly for good, Annette's stubbornness refuses to accept all sorts of pity. Even if it was for the right reasons. He seems pleasant enough, though.

“These people are not worth my time. Keep away from me.”

  • Tetra “Foulmouthed and a bit of a barbarian. I do not like her at all.” A misunderstanding has caused a bit of disdain between the two and the feelings are mutual towards one another. She has no interest and prefers to keep her distance as much as possible.

Arts is © Flora

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