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 +====== Anita Tensard ======
 +^ Gender: ​   | Female| ​
 +^ Age:    | 35 |
 +^ Race:    | Human //Mutant// |  ​
 +^ Height: ​   | 5'​8"​ | 
 +^ Weight: ​   | 160 lbs. | 
 +^ Belief: ​   | Spiritual | 
 +^ Birth Date:    | December 30th |  ​
 +^ Sign:    | Capricorn |    ​
 +^ Occupation: ​   | Resident |   
 +^ Skills: ​   | Swordplay, Adventuring | 
 +^ Birth Place: ​   | The hills of Glastheim | 
 +**Personality and Description**\\ ​
 +Anita is a woman with a strong personality. Rarely does she act with a meek or indecisive behavior, and acts before she thinks. She rarely has regrets, and does not care to justify herself to those that disagree with her. Boastful and attention-seeking,​ Anita enjoyed bragging and hearing others boast of their accomplishments. To her, life is a grand adventure in the making, and she has always sought such a life.
 +Since taking the supplement, Anita'​s plain but muscular form has filled out and curved. Her albino skin tone has all but vanished as well, her skin tanner and stronger while her eyes have become a sharper red. While she hides them, her ears have become wolf-like to match her lupine tail. Anita'​s hair is a platinum white, as are her ears and tail, as a final remnant of her past condition.
 +After her the deal with Michael Heath, Anita has gained dozens of scars ranging from bullet wounds to deep scars. They range across her arms, back, sides, legs and face.
 +**The Past** \\
 +Before blundering into the present day, Anita was a famed adventurer. Born into humble beginnings, Anita'​s drive took her along the path of romantic adventure. The dreams many a folk had, she lived. Riches, slaying dragons, and fighting evil monsters were all things Anita gained, accomplished,​ and succeeded in. Many bards sang tales of Anita'​s exploits, to her delight, but her life would change upon accepting a request for aid from the Kingdom of Glastheim.
 +While Anita did not really participate in politics, she sided with Glastheim during the times of the witch-burnings. Considering the Church of Odin little more than monsters for killing innocent folk, Anita was ready to give her all for the fight. But when the danger of a great monster emerged from under Glastheim, Anita joined unknown heroes to fight it off.
 +Suspicious of these heroes, she chased them into the future.
 +**The Present**\\
 +Upon arriving in the present day, Anita found all her fame and fortune she accumulated absent. Forgotten by the progress of time, Anita found herself only relevant in Glastheim and overshadowed by her ancestor in other places of the world. Lacking any family, and only less than half a dozen friends who knew her from the past, Anita found herself stuck in obscurity due to her hot-headed impulses.
 +Anita attempted to adjust to her situation, and was supplied the position of Royal Guard by Maruth out of attachment and sympathy for what she lost. While she managed for the most part, jealousy of her ancestor came to a head when the opportunity to become physically stronger showed itself. Still thinking that a strong hero is what was needed in the lands of Glastheim and beyond, Anita drank a dangerously potent dose of the Rekkenber Supplement (which was meant to incapacitate her ancestor.) While she did indeed become stronger, Anita'​s impulsive nature only became worse. Paired with her constant failures as a Royal Guard, Anita'​s self-esteem plummeted while her anger rose.
 +  * Having failed to protect Maruth when he needed her, Anita'​s resolve fractured and she began to question her worth. Anita turned to drink to dull the disappointment.
 +  * With Frig's attack upon Glastheim, Anita snapped while fighting back once Maruth regained control of his undead army. Lost to her rage, Anita slaughtered over a dozen Frig witches that had surrendered. Once the haze of battle was gone, Anita was unable to come to terms with what she did.
 +  * The trauma of the attack came to a head when Maruth tried to speak to Anita about her state. Neither were able to reach a similar ground, and Anita left when she was dismissed.
 +  * After pawning her armor and shield, Anita wandered without direction. Eventually, Maruth found her and attempted to reconcile their last talk. Maruth eventually mentioned he wanted Anita around as she was one of the last pieces of his old life.
 +  * Anita'​s returned to Glastheim, if muted and no longer the rowdy soul she used to be. She avoids the chivalry, and fighting in general.
 +  * Due to a shady exchange gone awry, Anita has lost her legendary sword Gram. She's also heavily scarred from the battle she lost against those that cheated her.
 +  * Anita, hardened and more jaded than before, gathers what little she has left to facilitate some kind of ego recovery. She now spends more time outside in the wilds of Glastheim than inside it. She hides how her mutations have progressed as well.
 +**Friends and Foes**\\
 +  * Maruth - //The bratty King. Still a momma'​s boy, still a spoiled child.// One of the very few people that Anita knew before coming to the present. She's still deciding if it is a good thing.
 +  * Alistar the Marksman - //Dead.// One of Anita'​s five companions back during her adventuring days. She still has an elven feather ornament from him.
 +  * Gric the Sapper - //Dead.// One of Anita'​s five companions back during her adventuring days. She still has a piece of his goblin mask.
 +  * Vinna the Bookworm - //Dead.// One of Anita'​s five companions back during her adventuring days. She still has the old dwarven book of prayer Vinna gave her.
 +  * Clug the Breaker - //Dead.// One of Anita'​s five companions back during her adventuring days. She still has his two-front tree from when she knocked them out.
 +  * Sils Grave - //Dead.// One of Anita'​s five companions back during her adventuring days. She sold the shield for booze, but bought it back.
 +  * Maraveah - //Dead.// An innocent demon, who gave away everything to save a lot of people.
 +  * The Librarian - //Loves his books. Made me that mural. Sweet, if distracted.//​ A simple man brought to the future by Mey, trying to play match-maker. Unfortunately,​ Anita'​s infatuation died out upon her self-esteem deflating.