Alycine El'dana


Gender: Female
Age: 209
Race: Light Elf
Height: 1m87
Weight: 69kg
Belief: None
Birth Date: November 13th
Sign: Scorpio
Occupation: Enchanter & Mercenary
Skills: Enchanting, Spellsword
Birth Place: Avicennia
Theme: Theme 1: "Alone" (The Last Story: Title Screen OST) / Theme 2 "To Battle" (Undertale - Spear of Justice) / Theme 3 "Unbound" (Golden Sun - Inside Tret)
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Physically, Alycine is clearly different than any other Elves. She has white hair, sightly colored in black here and there, a very pale skin, making her looking like some spirit or ghost, and she has dark red eyes. At the first sight, she can be frightening.

But in fact, she is quite a nice person. Usually cold and distant with unknown people, she usually only want to mind her own business, but will not refuse if you ask her for help… But only if you have coins. Or a very good reason to ask her for help.

She can communicate with spirits very well, but she usually won't do it.


She was born in Avicennia, but without something Elves usually have: A bond with the Nature herself. Blamed when she was young because of that, she trained herself to gain by force something she doesn't have: Respect from other Elves. With that in mind, she began to study magic, especially the art of Spellswords, and in the same time, learning about Enchantments.

When she was old enough to leave, she takes her belongings and left, traveling aroud the world to learn new things. She returned only recently to Avicennia…

Recent Development

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Friends and Foes

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  • Aelun El'dana (Father): An old traditional Elf. He rejected Alycine when he found she doesn't have any link to the nature.
  • Lana Al'sael-El'dana (Mother): Like Alycine, she doesn't have any bond with nature. But she hide it very well, and she compensate by communicating with spirits.
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