Alicia Laurent

“I could of gone out with a blaze of glory and it was taken away from me.”

Full Name: Alicia Roselyn Laurent
Gender: Female
Age: 33
Race: Human
Height: 5'11
Weight: 165 lb
Belief: Nothing
Birth Date: April 19th
Sign: Aries
Occupation: RDF Engineer
Combat Skills: Firearms, Melee Combat
Peaceful Skills: Gunsmithing, Tinkering, Blueprints
Birth Place: Hugel, Schwartzvald Republic
Theme: Scandroid - Neo Tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix)
Speaking Voice: Kai'Sa
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Reckless, impulsive and seeming to prefer a 'on-the-go'-mindset whenever the occasion asks for it, Alicia has a jovial side to her that she tries to keep upon herself. She has since been trying to repair the kindred spirit she once had, always remaining mindful of others and trying to have a good time. She can be a bit of loudmouth and rather blunt, however, as she doesn't hold back on anything. Regardless, she is very loyal to those who become close to her, having their back to the end of days.

Though, Alicia still struggles to fight off her demons within sometimes, as her injuries has caused a severe dent in her self-confidence and self-worth. The jovial side of her is an attempt to hide the mask she keeps up - a side that she tries to not let anyone know about. When pressed on the matter, Alicia tries her damnest to not let anyone find a crack through her armor, being evasive as much as she can. To this day, she still struggles to cope. She is quick to anger if pushed any further and will resort to simply withdrawing herself from anyone - including friends and family.

Alicia is a relatively tall woman with an agile build upon her frame. Though, with metallic limbs recently added to her with enough rehabilitation to learn how to walk properly, she's a bit on the limping side for now. Her attire is fairly simple as she's seen wearing a gold jumpsuit with black and brown accents, with the RDF emblem on it. Her face and clothes usually have hints of grime and oil, giving the impression she works near machinery often.

She has fair skin with sapphire eyes, with auburn hair that's usually tied in a ponytail, preferring to keep her hair up at all times. Lastly, she has metallic legs on her body which she keeps hidden under her jumpsuit at all times.


Alicia was born in the small, rural town of Hugel, one of the few places that was not entirely corrupted by the lack of fauna and flora that plagued the North. Her family made their living by growing crops and doing a lot of honest, hard work with very little to gain, though Alicia didn't seem to mind this way of life. Growing up, she learnt to value family and the blood that ties that comes along with it. She was relatively close to her father in particular, as he was a farmhand and provided everyone with food and warmth on the table. Alicia lived this sort of life for a long while, until one day, she decided that she wanted to give back. Not only do better for herself, but have her own family to get better as well.

Alicia has always loved the country she was born in and yet it's plagued with a lot of problems. Making a very bold decision, she decided to enroll herself into the Republic Defense Force, the North's primary military faction. Being already physically fit and agile, due to repetitive hard work labor she endured over the years of working within her family's farm, Alicia was making strides for herself. Her talents, however, was fixing up machinery, making sure that most of the vehicles that the RDF uses were in tip-top shape. Her knowledge with machines come from buying used manuals that she'd read every day whenever free time allowed it. With enough hard work, she was finally rewarded with her efforts, gaining the ranks of Sergeant. Though, that achievement was short-lived as tragedy would soon struck.

War soon erupted as the Republic suddenly attacked Rune and other countries who dared to oppose them, thus creating the Rune-Republic War. Unleashing a surprise assault, it was no surprise that Alicia would be called into action, though with a sense of questioning moral coming into her mindset. She wasn't entirely sure if this what she wanted, to fight for her country on such unfortunate circumstances. However, she didn't want to disobey nor disappoint and went through with the conflict, not realizing that the next thing that would occur would change her life forever.

Attempting to topple through Aldebaran, as it was the one city that borders and seperates the Republic and Rune, Alicia commanded her platoon to attack the city. However, a terrible counterattack left her platoon rather devastated, as the wizards fought back with all they had. Left with no other choice, they were forced to fall back but not without any complications. Just when things couldn't get any more worse, Alicia was point-blank near an explosion, which caused both of her legs to suffer severe injuries. Miracously, she managed to survive but even then, she wished that she could of died, right there and then.

Alicia was forced to have her legs amputated which left her quite devastated and quite withdrawn, even to her own family. Being told that her legs were so heavily damaged, it left her with no choice but kept her confined onto a wheelchair and thus was discharged for the time being, in order to recuperate and try to adapt to the new lifestyle that she never wanted in the first place. She never felt so helpless and useless, so much so that she decided to cut ties to anyone she was once close to. This occurred for awhile until she was fortunate enough to get some metallic limb replacements on her body. Even with that, though, Alicia finds herself struggling to fight off her inner demons, unable to forget the pain she was forced to endure.

Setting those thoughts aside, she made a decent effort to better herself and managed to get back into the RDF, though not back to the old position she used to be in. They were kind enough to be place her onto the engineering team, providing repairs and upgrades to the vehicles that were at her disposal. But at the back of her mind, Alicia strongly feels that this is a distraction - a means of helping her cope. Hoping that one day - and someday, she'd find some use and value in some form of capacity.

Recent Development

Friends and Foes

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