Alecto Della Corte

Gender: Female
Age: 26
Race: Human
Height: 5’9”
Weight: ”Excuse you.”
Belief: Materialism
Birth Date: February 17th
Sign: Aquarius
Occupation: Record Keeper
Skills: Swordplay, Subterfuge, Artifice
Other Skills: Multi-instrumentalist
Birth Place: Lighthalzen, Schwartzvald Republic
Voice: The Baroness
Theme: Rio Tranquila
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Alecto Della Corte is a proud soul that has strayed far from her birthright to pursue a life worthy of adventure, grooming her reputation along the way. There are few things sharper than her blade: her foxish face, arched eyebrows, perhaps her tongue. A lady has to keep up appearances, after all, and a seasoned adventurer is no exception. Despite this practiced charisma, Alecto maintains a certain brusque aloofness and distance from others. It’s difficult catch her off this guard or discern anything about herself in earnest detail, nor does she encourage it.

Alecto’s taste in clothing varies, but no matter the choice her wardrobe is held to a strict caliber of design and quality; flared or flashy coats are a trademark favorite. Some previously hidden tattoos are now partially visible - these meticulous ink-black marks reach up to her neck, and continue down to her knuckles and legs in oscillating fractal-like patterns.


Alecto was born to a wealthy family in Lighthalzen, and her upbringing reflects clearly in the way she conducts herself - however, not even that much is common knowledge. Her culture and way of speaking is Schwarz in nature but her appearance vaguely resembles that of a Quattorian islander. Others will quickly learn that she does not disclose the any details about herself easily - curiosity is usually met with apathy or cryptic one-liners, and more often than not outright silence. However, it’s safe to assume her comfortable life took a sharp turn somewhere down the line to be where she is now.

Recent Developments

  • Alecto is ready to settle back down, putting the fraught dangers and tragedies of the expedition into the Rise behind her. Her presence is scarce as usual in the Workshop’s depths or within the Rise itself, unless sought out.


  • E. Della Corte - “I'll make my own way.”


  • Westel Vitale - “Not a day goes by where I don’t worry for your fragile constitution.”


  • Aravae Selmer - “Good luck in your endeavors. We’ll cross paths again, I’m sure.“ - Though their time during the expedition at the Rise was brief, Alecto holds an inexplicable amount of confidence in Aravae - whether for her reliability or earnest kindness, it’s not so difficult to let her guard down in her company.
  • Dawn Elereth - “Don’t be a stranger, now - for once, I’ll be staying in one place.” - Even with all of Alecto’s teasing, she’s far more fond of Dawn than she lets on and one of few people she trusts unconditionally - including an awful lot of gossip, of course.
  • Elise Denali - “Far be it from me to steer your aspirations away from million-dollar booze.“ - An elven engineer, gunslinger, and bladeswoman that has more than earned Alecto’s trust. They’re both fairly reclusive and don’t often seek the other out, but their friendship is an easy one - at least, when Elise isn’t drinking
  • Rhydian Stahl - “You have your way, and I have mine.” - He often tests her patience, but they maintain decent terms despite his penchants for lowbrow humor. It’s become slightly more strained, nowadays; she has not forgotten their disagreements, and at reaching a impasse opts to keep a steadily growing distance.
  • Rush - “How is the life of success?“ - Alecto finds Rush to be easily flustered at times, making him an easy target to hassle (much to his chagrin). She’s fairly impressed with the business he’s managed to make for himself, but she’ll always treat him the same as she always has regardless of his status.
  • Surada the Soothsayer - “I know it perhaps may have not been your first choice, but I am glad for your company.” - A Harupi, and the first of the Soothsayers. Alecto always keeps the Engrammeter that hosts her spirit somewhere near her person, and is rarely without her mischievous presence - not that she appears to mind at all, and maybe even prefers it that way.
  • Westley Faolan - “You aren’t very subtle, but your charm is in your earnesty.” - Alecto thinks Westley makes more than a few questionable decisions, but as scholars they have similar enough sensibilities that they get along well. He’s the closest she’d ever consider someone a ‘study buddy’.


  • Mono - “I’d say not to get too absorbed in your work, but I’m not one to talk.”
  • Norah Monroe - “Your vacation is past overdue, but you’ve never been the type to settle down for long.”
  • Oliver Chance - “Do not forget your strength. You are far more tenacious than you let on.”
  • Pukla Puki - “I’m certain you can attain anything you set your mind to.“
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