Aja Rahal

Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: N-Human
Height: 5'8“
Belief: Formerly Polytheistic
Birth Date: July 25th
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Adventurer, Glastheim Chivalry Lieutenant
Combat Skills: Brawling, Spirit & Light Magic
Practical Skills: Feats of Strength, Competitive Eating, Loudness
Birth Place: Fayyum, Sograt
Languages: Sograti, Common, Schwarzen, Elvish, Nephilim
Theme - Battle on the Big Bridge
Voice - Liza Koshy
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Aja has one hell of a spirit, in more ways than just magic. Her exceptionally extroverted personality is a constant testament to her confidence and often brashness - gregarious at best, prone to ire at worst. An air of restlessness pervades Aja’s mannerisms and actions: the need to constantly be on the move, fast and loose, reckless in nature. What most consider a fool’s errand, Aja sees a challenge. Her appetite for such adventures is nigh insatiable, and once her mind is set it’s almost impossible to convince her otherwise.

Despite her foolhardiness, she possesses a surprising amount of patience and empathy. It’s something she’s far more candid about these days, no doubt a result of her dropping her constant guard of intimidation and embracing more of her easygoing side.

Dark tan skin, burning yellow eyes, and a loose crop of light turquoise hair are her most striking features, and a distinct appearance easily marks her a foreigner in the lands of Rune. Common is not her first language, but she seems to have a fairly solid grasp on it despite her steady accent - though her colorful vocabulary may suggest a unorthodox learning experience.

Aja keeps herself in peak physical condition, and it shows! Her years of working in Sograt evidently paid off, and shine apparent in her martial prowess. Pursuing the Aspect of the Bear has done her physical well-being even more good - firmer muscles, heightened senses, and a tendency to more bear-like qualities. Unsurprisingly, her life of adventuring is not entirely forgiving - several starburst scars pepper her shoulders and limbs, though none as severe as the three, jagged scars marr her midsection. They’ve become less harsh over time (and recently a bit suddenly …growth spurts do that, she thinks) and have become less painful reminders and more tokens of survival, to her.

Black Captain’s Hat One of few mementos Turoa has passed on to her daughter. Worn by members of the Sograti military.
Yatsuli’s Toil A brilliant tourmaline bracelet worn on Aja’s left wrist. It looks like it’s seen some wear, but it still has its shine. A reminder.
Black Duster The only ‘presentable’ piece of clothing Aja really owns, though she often wears it unbuttoned. It’s sturdy and well-worn, clearly tailored to more than once.
Wadjet Bracelet A silver bracelet with three inlaid turquoises, and an inscription of a wadjet on the back. A birthday gift from Lain, and always worn on her right wrist.
Obelisk Necklace A curious looking pendant made of pale metal and a clear, blue crystal. A gift from Tetra - Aja feels a little more invigorated wearing it.

Recent Developments

  • Back in Glastheim for the foreseeable future, but a bit hard to catch…

Friends and Foes


  • Turoa Rahal - “You’ve come close to kickin’ it in those trials as many times as I have!” - Aja's mom. She raised Aja and her sisters on her own, on top of being dirt poor in a ravaged country - it's obvious grit runs in the family.
  • Yatsuli Rahal (Deceased) - “You've been with me this entire time.” - Aja's baby sister.
  • Sirha Rahal - “Don’t think I’ll forgive you.” - Aja's middle sister.


  • Tiny Pepe - “He ain’t a robot, he’s my child.”
  • Sparkles - “You sure you aren’t a Peco baby? Kinda big-boned for a chicken…”


  • Cheerful Yi (Deceased) - “Thank you.” - A precious pup that gave his life to save the Tri-Optimum Family during their escape. His sacrifice won't be forgotten.
  • Marie Sokolov - “Let me tell you, I love having two moms.”
  • Lain Strauss - “I’m still here - if I see you moping…”
  • Will Warlow - “A kiss for Dapple from me three times a day. It’s law, I’m lieutenant now.“
  • Kuhn - “You lead quite the mysterious life, blueberry! Don’t be a stranger.” A fast friend! Aja’s fond of her company - there’s a lot more to Kuhn than meets the eye, she thinks, but her trust comes easy.
  • Tetra - “You’re incredible as ever! Let’s fight again someday, for sure.” - It's hard to spot the Sybirian woman these days, but when Aja does, it's either as a her charming (impish!) self or a full-blown mutant-mashing, vine-cutting, robot saboteur machine. Now that she’s been on the other end of it, she’s even more glad they’re friends.
  • Aravae Selmer - “I’m sure you’re made out of angel fluff. Nah, don’t tell me I’m wrong.”


  • Kaede Kudo - “Your cave-slash-business is the bomb! Haha, get it? I’ll see myself out.”
  • Myona Fitzgerald - “I wish you nothin’ but the best! You’ll make a great Thalj.”
  • Danforth Ironmane - “Wonder what you’re up to these days, Dan.”
  • Atlas Finnigan - “You've got a competitive side, and hell, it's ferocious!” - Having grown accustomed to Atlas's stares of questionable concern and often varying levels of sass, it's been one long trip for Aja to admit she would be worried if she acted otherwise.
  • Bran - “Wouldn't be where I am now if you hadn't taken a shine to me, Gramps.”
  • Emeraude - “I'm glad your tea shop is a wild success! So is my stomach, heh.”
  • Colton West - “We’re family, y’know? I’ll always have your back.” - A kindred spirit! Their similarities are almost uncanny. He's amazingly easy to be around, and his lightheartedness is always welcome. Despite his laidback nature, her concern runs deeper than she lets on for whatever might be troubling him - but she knows he’ll find a way.
  • Gabrielle DeAngelis - “I won’t lie and say I’m not worried about you, princess, but…” - Aja has accepted Gabi, sass, attitude, and all - the girl has a strict ethic and determination that is not to be trifled with. They are qualities Aja deeply admires and are often polarized in herself.
  • Cliff Slade - “You’re the only one allowed to break into my house.” - Aja is fond of Cliff and his snark, and is more than happy to see him and Atlas doing well for themselves. She’s sure he’s up to all sorts of fun and shady things.
  • Coral Blackwood - “That thing you do where you just like, show up outta nowhere… It’s slick, it’s cool.” -
  • Norah Monroe - “Man, you really just up and disappeared, huh? Wouldn’t really blame anybody for all those politics not bein’ their style.”
  • Poe Ellery - “The sweetest of sweethearts - no wonder you’re still holdin’ to the marshmaster title.” - There’s nothing like dragging a random civilian off the street for a perilous adventure into Nephilim ruins - and Aja is glad it happened to be Poe! His brand of optimism is always a refreshing and infectious sort, not to mention he gets along fantastically with Apple Dapple.
  • Rhydian Stahl - ”You’re gonna take it easy now, right? Eeh? But seriously, go on vacation or at least take a nap before ridin’ by the seat of your pants into your next adventure.”
  • Shale Lynn - “I’m pretty sure you could take me on in a wrestling match! Dragons versus bears?” - Another kindred spirit! Shale inspires Aja in a lot of ways, and eggs her on in others; they’re both a bit feisty, when it comes to competition! It’s the best.
  • Totowa - “No one's ever gonna get that guy into a shirt.” - Aja has sturdy faith in Toto. The elf always seems to have something new up his sleeves (leaves?) but there are some things she's certain of: he and his spearskills are unmatched, and can surely hold more than his own on the front lines of battle.
  • Calder Manarial - “I mean, you can say you survived the plague, I'd say you're one sturdy son of a… Hmm.”
  • Teleris Elondar - “Third mom? Yeeeeah?”
  • Rurik Yorenguard - “I’m pretty convinced you’re piloted by at least three and a half imps.”

Familiar Faces

  • Viktor Dmitriyev - “You should join the Guard! I’ll put in a good word, how about it?”
  • Lisia Sunmourn - “You’re kicking Aeden’s ass for doing all the adventuring while you get saddled with the baby, I hope.”
  • Rush (Elijah?) - “What’re you doing next? Writing a novel about your love life and making mils off that too?”

Swivin' Whoresons..?

  • Republic Defense Force - “Eeeh.”
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