Aishe Lazuli Rashid

“You got your way, and I got mine.”

Gender: Female
Age: 29
Race: Splicer
Height: 5'11“
Weight: 166 lbs.
Belief: Perseverance
Birth Date: July 23
Sign: Cancer
Occupation: RDF Master Sergeant
Skills: Intermediate spirit magic, martial arts, and punching - hard
Birth Place: Einbroch, Schwartzvald Republic
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Aishe is a woman driven by an almost infectious passion, holding an unshakable belief in her own ideals. She gives everything one hundred and ten percent, getting so in the zone until it’s difficult to snap her out of it – and trying, most of the time, is a lost cause. She believes in doing the right thing, no matter what that entails, and it would take an even stronger dissonance between her views and someone else’s to make her think twice.

She is a gregarious person who thrives on the company of others, seeming the type to be everybody’s best friend. Her affection is physical and often rough; restraint isn’t her forte, but she makes a conscious effort to exercise it when need be. She worries she comes off as fake, a fear further solidified by her talent to switch between friendly and serious without a moment’s notice. But she doesn’t let that stop her!

Aishe is an active person and somewhat of a health nut, as well! She takes good care of her body, and has muscles and an endless well of energy to show for it! She is just shy of six foot even, with dark skin and deep brown hair that is usually kept between shoulder and chin length. Her eyes were a bright gold, but have since been replaced by an unsettling pitch black with glowing red irises. Still most prominent, however, are her bovine characteristics: curved ivory horns, furry ears that protrude from the side of her head, and a long tail that she usually keeps wrapped around her waist.


Though Aishe’s appearance is undeniably that of the Sograti people, she was born and raised in the Republic. Her family was poor, struggling to make ends meet with her father as the sole provider. While not the best life, Aishe was decently happy until a string of horrible luck crept up to make everything worse.

First, it was the birth of Aishe’s baby sister that put an even bigger strain on their financial situation. Complications lead to her being born blind and partially deaf, which meant she needed more attention. Then, her father was in a horrible accident that left him wheelchair-bound and unable to work. They wound up losing their home, and had to sell most of their belongings just to get by. A small shack in the worst part of town became their new home, and the family struggled even harder to survive. Odd jobs here and there were their only source of income.

Aishe made up her mind to enlist in the military as soon as possible. She saw it as an actual chance to give her family the stability they deserved, and hasn’t looked back since.

Recent Development

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Friends and Foes


  • Mom and Dad - “Just relax, okay? You don't gotta worry.” Aishe's parents. Both have frail health thanks to years of living in Einbroch's conditions, but she hopes the fresh air of the countryside has helped a little.
  • Saleem Rashid - “Sporty just like your big sister!” Younger brother, and someone Aishe frequently play-wrestles with. He's a responsible kid who helps their parents when she's away.
  • Yasmin Rashid - “Stay out of trouble, kid.” Baby sister. She may be blind, but she's got a fiery spirit.

The Squad

  • Karn (Kitten) - ”You’ve gotten sassy. It’s funny sometimes, but uh…” A friend, and one Aishe has been worried about since their first encounter with Lucy. How are they going to fix this..?
  • Reeve (Officer) - ”Messin’ with you sure is fun, Officer~.” Aishe and Reeve didn’t get along too well at first, but now they’re friends - and she enjoys picking on the poor man any way she can! Where’s Joe, Reeve? Who knows!!
  • Tal (Gumball) - ”The kind of spirit I admire! Don’t ever lose that.” Tal has always been easy to get along with, but it wasn’t until their current mission that they really bonded! Aishe can’t imagine her squad without Tal.
  • Zefi (Puppy) - ”If it makes you happy, then I’ll keep your secret.” Zefi and Aishe are in similar circumstances, and the two of them have been keeping secrets for each other for a while..! A good friend, and someone Aishe is concerned about. She wants to apologize, but…


  • Ivy Clarke - “I… didn't expect this.” Important. The road to recovery is a long one, but Aishe will be there.


Without Necklace:

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