Airlea Parker

Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: Human
Belief: Atheist
Birth Date: July 1st
Sign: Cancer
Occupation: Vulcan Implant Engineer
Skills: Tinkering, Design, Robotics, Espionage
Birth Place: Einbroch
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Airlea likes to describe herself as an unshakable person with a resolve solid as steel. When faced with adversity or hardships, she's known to forge her own path and fight through. Even as a child she's dealt with a number of issues and has managed to grow up with thick skin. From poverty, to sexism and abuse from her own father, Airlea will refuse to say her past has made her nothing but stronger.

As a soldier and a specialist in espionage during the war Airlea was steadfast in her missions and faced everything, including danger, without a second thought. Though she was forced to tone back her attitude after becoming permanently disabled during the war. Thanks to advancements in technology she is able to use prosthetics she's able to continue her efforts in another way, still unable to call it quits.

She feels she always has something to prove, whether it be to her father that just because she's a woman doesn't mean she can't do anything a man can, or even to herself. She hates to admit to her own weaknesses and she hates being coddled or handled with misplaced sympathy. If she has to push herself past the point of breaking just to prove that she can, despite the dangers, she will.

Airlea can be known as a loud girl, often expressing her feelings and opinions without a care to the consequences which could make her seem inconsiderate of others though she doesn't mean to be. She's extremely loyal as well - to her friends, her country, and her convictions, willing to put her life on the line to defend them.

Thanks to the war and the injuries she sustained, Airlea deals with a bad cases of PTSD, insomnia, and paranoia. Not wanting to accept her weaknesses and admit that she needs help, she pushes through by ignoring her symptoms and focusing all her energy on working. She spends hours upon hours working on designs, drawing up blueprints, and tinkering with her robots. When she does have to deal with her symptoms she gets violent and angry, more often than not, breaking something in her shop. She doesn't like confronting her weaknesses or admitting that she has a problem.

Recent Development

  • KICKED OUT OF HER OWN WAREHOUSE! Now she's actually gotta rest and relax! Too proud to admit she's suffering mentally from nightmares and flashbacks, she decides to offer assistance to anyone, ANYONE that needs her.
  • Airlea reunites with her former squadron leader, Deckard Weil and the two spend the day catching up. Much to her surprise he gives her a birthday present, reminiscent to her previous codename back from when she was a spy. She confides in him her anxiety and unwillingness to let what happened to her two years ago but is taken aback when he offers to help out with that as well as her investigation into Einbroch's canal problem. They decide to focus on Einbroch first while Deckard uses his old connections to look into Rekkenber.

Personal Treasure

Fox Bangle Bracelet: A birthday present from Deckard with a special little vital boost.


  • Lorenzo Parker- Father “Fuck you! I'll never be under your thumb again. I accomplished a hell of a lot more than you ever did in your entire life.” She holds nothing but hatred for the man. He made her life harder because she was a female and claimed she was destined to be nothing but a servant to her future husband. He never supported her and so every decision she made in her life she made out of spite. Even after she returned home from the war, wounded, he called her useless. After getting better she finally abandoned the man she hated so much, leaving only her younger brother with him.
  • Moira Parker - Mother “You didn't deserve dad… or us, really. You were so much better than that, than anything we could've ever been. I don't blame you for running away. Mother like daughter, huh?” A woman worth respecting in Airlea's eyes. She was kind and tough at the same time. She knew how to be caring and when to be strong. Airlea followed in her mother's footsteps and joined the military as soon as she could. The woman disappeared one day, fed up with her husband's constant berating. Airlea doesn't know where she is but would love to see her again.
  • Gino Parker - Brother “I'm sorry.. really, I am. Your presence was the only thing that kept me going back home.” Her younger and much more calmer and quieter brother and the only person who ever believed in her though he holds a lot of anger towards her for leaving him alone with their father. He pacified fights between his father and his sister though their constant arguing wore him down.

Childhood Friends

  • Atlas Finnigan - “She was quiet but tough as steel! I really miss seeing her artwork and the feeling of.. calm when I was with her. I wonder where she is now…” A girl Airlea used to spend time with in their childhood. Although she wasn't as sociable as Airlea, she still enjoyed the girl's presence and cared a great deal for her, willing to literally fight anyone that dared threaten her. They lost track of each other after Airlea enlisted in the military but she hopes one day they'll meet again when she gathers the courage…
  • Aishe Rashid - “She was my best friend! … And my first crush. Her family was more of a family than mine ever was. I.. miss her a lot. I should really text her after all these years..” Another friend Airlea lost touch with after both women joined the military. Their strong personalities attracted them to one another at a very young age and they grew to be fast friends, doing everything together. Airlea admired both her strength and caring personality in both a friendly and romantic manner. She keeps contact with the Rashid family but not Aishe herself, seeming ashamed after sustaining her injuries..

War Buddies

  • Zhang Cao - “I'm sorry… I'm so, so sorry… I-If only I was more careful…” A co-worker in the military who didn't survive the same explosion that took Airlea's limbs from her. While both she and the RDF suspected foul play she knew she couldn't investigate it without outing herself as a spy, though it doesn't keep her from wanting to find out the truth. She contemplates contacting his family and apologizing.
  • Deckard Weil - “War really changed us, huh? I don't blame you for wanting to call it quits after everything.” Her former leader and someone she respects highly even now. After reuniting after a year since he resigned, Airlea is happy that they're able to remain friends. She appreciates that he's willing to help look into what happened to her.


  • Heather MacDowell - “Cute girl! Fresh outta the Academy, I hear. She's got a great future ahead of her, I can tell.” A young police officer she met while she was kicked out of her own workshop. The two became friends after running into each other and having coffee together. She's young but Airlea can tell she has a bright future ahead of her as long as she keeps to her convictions. She looks forward to making the country a better place together with her!

( art by supa-ridder! )

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