Aida Marcus

Beauty is within everyone. Aida will help you find it.

Gender: Female
Age: 50
Race: Elf
Birth Date: August 29th
Sign: Virgo
Occupation: Royal Tailor
Skills: Sewing, Fashion Design, Enchantments, Monster Taming
Birth Place: Avicennia
Character Sheet

Personality and Description

Aida may look like she's bored all the time but it's only rarely true. Her face may be a forever look of neutrality but in reality she has a passion for what she does for a living. She wants to use what she's good at to help benefit others even if for the most part, she keeps to herself. She thinks she has good social skills even if she's quiet and can be very friendly. She is shy but given enough time and room to get comfortable, one can find a very good and loyal friend in Aida.

She is constantly wearing her art, always fashioning a matching hat she's also made herself. One her true dreams is to help someone find their natural beauty and power. She wishes to bring out a side to a person that they never knew existed and in order to do that, she must show that side of herself to others. It's a constant struggle however since she feels she's not good enough and thus she pushes herself to work harder. She doesn't have many friends because of her quietness but she still tries to put herself out there.

Recent Development

  • Working on patterns and such! Also studying in the library to research new ways she can use her enchanting magics.
  • She is also giving some thought to applying to be a royal seamstress!
  • Aida scheduled an interview with the Chancellor to discuss applying for the Royal Tailor position. She was given the task to redesign the castle's entrance and waiting room. She has confidence in herself!
  • Still working on the castle rooms! She's slightly overwhelmed by the work but it's nothing she can't handle. One room done with one more to go!
  • Aida is finally hired as the kingdom's Royal Tailor after completing the last of her interior designs. In her hiring she receives a restricted library card and almost immediately heads there after everything is finalized. What kind of hidden magic can she learn from such a place?


  • Juliette Marcus - “Juliette is a very talented mage. She is the one who convinced Aida to take up enchanting.” One of Aida's many siblings that she is rather close to. She fully supports her and her talents and is encouraging her to try for a royal position.
  • Everild Marcus - “Aida thinks Everlid should leave Vahk'Sala to become a blacksmith likes she wants.” Another older sister, though she is very impatient and restless in where she is now. Aida thinks she should pursue her dream.
  • Crowley Marcus - “Crowley is an enchanter like Aida, but he works on scripts. Aida would like to learn sometime.” Yet another older sibling, Crowley is one of Aida's older brothers. He too supports Aida's endeavors and happily keeps in touch with her.
  • Other siblings - Aida is the baby and they all dote on her.
  • Peanut - “Aida can see past its looks and see a sweet creature. Oddly enough it does not eat meat and loves women. Aida is always grateful for it's friendship. After an excursion while Aida was a very small elf, she found the Seeker at the mercy of bigger, scarier monsters. She managed to rescue it and it has remained loyal to her after years and years.


  • Dylan Bannings - ”Aida dislikes Dylan's attitude but she is willing to help him. She wonders what his mission is.“ A punk with a very short fuse who likes to run his mouth when something isn't to his liking. She thinks he's someone who can be nice if he truly tried at it and she's offered to help him with his etiquette.
  • Vela Liloris - ”She called Aida pretty… and Peanut likes her very much. She is interested in Vela's choice of necromancy.“ A very beautiful succubus Aida first spotted by her butt! She has an air of mystery to her that Aida can't help but find interesting. She internally wishes to be friends with her.

( art by Flora! )

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