Aeden Leo Damon

“I got your back, no matter what.”

Gender: Male
Age: 27
Race: Human
Height: 6“6 (198.12 cm~)
Weight: 117.934 kg
Belief: Courage and Resolve of oneself
Birth Date: August 20
Sign: Leo
Occupation: Adventurer
Skills: Master Swordsmanship - Spirit Magic - Cooking - Wood sculpting - Runic Knowledge
Birth Place: Rune, Geffen
Residency: Harborberg

Personality and Description


Aeden is a man who has been through many trials and tribulations ever since he came to Rune many years ago. After the many events of his life, his kindness and faith in people hasn't wavered and he only became stronger for it.He has an adventurous heart, placing freedom above all else when it comes to himself and the people around him, not wavering to help anyone in need if asked for help as long as its within his power.

Though some may see this as a fault however, his willingness to place all the burdens of others on his shoulders can take a toll on him when it gets down to it while thinking he can handle it himself. But even with that, he is a team player and is always willing to work together with others.

Description Wherever he goes he's not hard to find or miss. Sporting Spiky short Maroon colored hair and his fierce, demon like crimson red eyes that can come off as rather scary or intimidating to some people. Along with a horizontal scar going across his nose, he's tall with toned muscles and naturally tough skin that he has gotten over the years from training and fighting. He is never seen without his Runeblade that he obtained during his time in the demon war, a black and blue colored blade with rune like golden imprints going down the center of the blades side. Its large and almost the size of his own body, perhaps even bigger, compared to most swords and weighs just enough for some healthy heavy blows.


Aeden, along with his twin brother Ventus, were born from their mother at a rather young age in Rune, specifically the Geffen area.. They stayed there for a time, but later moved to Moscovia where their Father built them a new house to live in, and to stay safe from any danger. However, things weren't happy for long since a few months later after the twins were born, their father up and left them to pursue his goal that was left unfinished and to provide for his family in his own way.

As he grew, he became more responsible being the older sibling, and helped his mother the best way he could along with his brother. Magic and things did not interest him as much as Ventus, but he came to admire history and heroic tales he either heard from his mother or read from books. These tales turned into dreams for the young boy, he started bettering himself and studying, to achieve such a thing himself one day.

Recent Development


* Geo Damon“Glad your still in good health” Tall, proud, and Caring. Aeden's Father who left for a long time and suddenly came back into his life, he respects him alot especially for training him.

* Rhunie Damon“Thank you for taking care of me for all these years even now” Tiny, kind, and bubbly. Aeden's haughty mother who raised him into who he is today. He loves her to death and back and will always have a place in his heart, especially the kindness he inherited from her.

* Ventus Damon“How are those books coming along bro?” Brother form the same mother. Aeden's twin brother who looks like him, but doesn't act like him, a book nerd who would rather stay home, study, and write books instead of being an adventurer and fighter like his brother. He is proud of him despite this.

* Aeris Damon“This little runt is a Damon after all.” Tiny, loud, and impulsive. Aeden's lovable little sister who lives with him at his place, despite her attitude and impish behavior trying to get her way, he does love and care about her like any other member of his family, perhaps even being overprotective at times.

Those who mean the most to his soul

* Lisia SunmournYour the light that kept me going for so long and i didn't even notice. I'll never let you go or let your light fade.“ His girlfriend and lover. A frail flower of an elf that he met a long time ago when she was still new to adventuring. Looking over her like a long time and helping her when she needed it to most, but before long it was her that helped him through his hardest and darkest times when he was losing his way and path in life to an endless life of chaos. Wanting to stay by her side as long as he is able no matter what, he eventually let himself depend on another to hold him up before he was eventually swallowed into loneliness. Getting together with her was the best thing that has happened to him in his life and wouldn't trade it for the world.



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