Organized Religions

On Aurora religions are pretty much popular, yet a few are really powerful. There are also a few others that are brutally supressed by the dominant ones, depending on either events or simply their menace of existing. However it is to be made clear that having a religion is not a must.


Rune Kingdom: The Church of Odin

In Rune, the Church of Odin is one of the most powerful and one that has the most connection to its past. The religion follows a monotheistic belief; the priests basically follow Odin as their one and only God, shunning Freya aside as being a villanous Goddess that completely brainwashed the people of the Aruni. The Church of Odin also offers proper mastery to the arts of Holy Magic.

Aruni Region: Church of Freya

The Church dedicated to the Goddess Freya, who was once the counterpart of Odin, however she is now the symbol of true creation in the Freyanists' eyes and shunned Odin aside. The religion is that of monotheistic belief, in which the Goddess is the one and only acting figure.

Sograt: Kemetism

Kemetism is a polytheistic-based religion, recognizing the Father God as Ra. Other gods that are equivalently important are Isis, Osiris, Horus, Seth, Anubis and Bastet. This religion used to have much more Gods in the pantheon, however minor and local Gods grew to be forgotten by the majority except the societies they originated from.

Ba Jin Empire: Awakenism

The belief of life being a journey to find your purpose in life, trying to perfect themselves as much as possible. They “awake” to their true self, considering the material world as only an illusion to what truly lie in store for them. People following this belief tend to be free-thinkers and ask questions more than believing blindly. It does not mean that one cannot follow a god belief along with such philosophy however.



The ancient craft of the masses, a respected old practice and way of living. However it grew to be hated by the monotheistic Church due to its popularity and free-thinking, therefore tainted its name and abolished it as forbidden demonic art.

Witches on Aurora believe that everything is made of energy and the planet itself is alive; they are connected to Nature and it is a top priority over anything else. An equal important belief is that of the existence of a God and a Goddess entities balancing each other equally, however interpretations such differ on personal opinions and backgrounds. Some also believe in spirits and the spirit world.

Witchcraft is one of the oldest and least defined in the world and so a lot have wove fear around it for being unknown and lost.


Vodun is the basically the Voodoo of Umbala. The religion is based on spiritual belief, that the spirits are very much alive and walking amongst us. The people in Vodun are very much attuned to this “other world”, therefore it is a well known skill that they are masters of spirit banishing as well as summoning.

Petro, or evil magic in the Umbalan terms, can also be done…however Umbalans supress it with all their might. Rumors have it that they can summon zombies with ease and turn people into werewolves, feeding on the blood of the living.

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